App and ERP integration

Our Apps can be integrated with the most popular ERP.

Our Enterprise App projects start from the idea and the ambition to expand the ERP business potential using its data also off-site.

Our specialists and our experience in the development field on different operating systemssuch as IBM, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android – create the ideal conditions to combine our solutions with any kind of management system. We had the chance to interface the most popular management systems available in the market, including SAP, Sage, Galileo, Teamsystem, Zucchetti, Navision, Arca and many other proprietary solutions.

Combining with several business systems we create a bidirectional flow of information from the back-office (company) to the front-office (commercial and sales department); it allows a constant match of information related to company, marketing, products, clients, offers, orders, statistics etc.

The concrete result of this perfect integration is an efficient sales network which capitalizes valuable information for the business avoiding useless steps, phone calls, time and paper waste, working in real-time also when there is no connection.