Private distribution

The app in safe hands, constantly upgraded

Our solution is provided together with a web distribution platform, which not only offers management data to the sales force app, but enables administration and remote control services of mobile devices.


Indeed, using an administration panel it is possible to check several features: app usage frequency, data upgrade on tablets, installed software version (S.O. and/or app version). In case of deadline, it is possible to remotely stop and/or destroy data and app.

Data security

Data security is ensured coding each user by single access credentials, which link the password to the device identification number.

In order to ensure the highest level of information confidentiality, the sales force receives only its area’s data (clients/catalogues/commercial conditions etc).

The client/server communication uses encrypted communication protocol (https).

Notification of possible upgrades

The app reports the new upgrades concerning data and software versions; as a result, the company does not need to inform the sales network each time and the app itself can be upgraded by everybody in the shortest possible time.