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Orders App

Electronic orders collection

Our solution is fast, intuitive and will immediately result as essential in the sales process. It is the ideal tool to show the items and collect orders and offers for the final client.

Promotion management and discounts

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the app can manage price policy and complex advertisings and discounts; it constantly and perfectly responds to our clients’ specific needs.

Warehouse stock availability

The app offers some algorithms that evaluate availability according to the client’s commitments and to the expected arrivals to the company, providing results to the sales force. In case the products are unavailable, it is possible to give an information about the first expected delivery date.

Deadline scheduling

The agents can find on overview of the clients’ accounting situation and payment state, allowing to easily assume debt collection’s tasks.

It is also possible to introduce warnings for overdue and/or when the commercial credit limit is exceeded.

Order history record

You can also download the order history record from the management system. It can be shown and copied with the consequent re-evaluation of that moment effective commercial conditions.

Team leader Management

The application supports the team leader management allowing to differentiate contents and possible processes for single users.
The user can also charge customized prices, add value-based discounts for items and/or free gifts.

Sending orders to the management system

3G or Wi-Fi connection are needed only to send orders and offers in data format from the seller to the management system.

Afterwards, a notification (informative or, for instance, requiring approval) can be sent to the management department or to specific offices and seen on iPhone or iWatch.