We design Enterprise Apps

Enterprise Apps: look beyond their front-end surface.

Developing an enterprise app means offering on tablet and smartphone ERP data and functions, both on-line and off-line, as integrated component in the bidirectional information process between a company and the “mobile worker”.

In order to design an enterprise app, it is not enough to have development skills on iOs Apple or Android Google operating systems; it is necessary to acquire several skills concerning system integration, data connection and synchronization (between different databases installed on different operating systems), management, security, confidentiality in data sharing from the company to the sales network and vice versa, control and monitoring accesses etc… it is fundamental to build strong skills about standard business processes which rule the organization of complex commercial and sale departments.

4words offers this wide range of skills, endorsing our efficiency and reliability in the field. Indeed, our high-level professionalism, ensures us a high-ranking position in the national market and in business and enterprise apps development.

Enterprise app structure:

Enterprise App